Tired of your team’s quality software development bullshit?

Want to eliminate this unnecessary process? Do you want your authority to be unquestioned and your technical methods (which are already 100% correct) to be adopted? Are you uncomfortable with members of your team having their own opinions?

This job will be…

Part 1 — Being aware of the group development stages

Tuckman’s stages of group development is a great framework to address people issues. Tuckman introduced 4 stages that are mandatory to develop an effective group of people.

The 4 stages are Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.


For a leader, I believe the easiest phase is Forming. Since everyone is new…

Pride — We’re already behind X, it is not possible to attack this application.

It’s great to have trust boundaries. It’s great to be inside a trusted network or being behind a well configured security device. It’s one of the core elements of Secure By Design. But it’s never enough…

Exxen project, a Turkish online broadcasting platform, was recently launched. As both the expectations of the people from the project and the popularity of the project are quite high, the platform was met with great interest and was examined as soon as it opened.

It seems that the project was…

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that looks for happiness and fulfillment in the life for every human being. Often mentioned with the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius and his diary Meditations. I am writing this blog post with a write-to-learn approach, and extract some applicable habits for a software developer. …

Mert Akkaya

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